Figure ground is a public realm artist development agency.

We have been working to research current public realm practice across the South East and have coordinated a number of artist’s residencies/network events.

Throughout 2011, we have been working on ‘Track Changes’, an Arts Council England funded research and organisational development project.

This has included visiting a number of public realm organisations to see how they organize themselves, share ideologies, build networks across the south east and drink tea. These organisations include Artangel, Banner Repeater, Fernymwoods Contemporary, PlaCE (UWE), Stour Space, LV21, and Medway Council (INSITE project).
We also organized a collaborative artists residency on the LV21 a lightship in Gillingham, for 20 artists and are currently working with IN-SITE ( Medway Council's major public realm commission series) as artist mentors.

The team includes artists - Jon Adams, Jo Thomas, Katy Beinart, Jack Brown and Laura Krikke.

the posts below archive our work so far - we are currently building a new site -www.figuregroundprojects.co.uk.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Figure Ground at the Home and the World!

Breaking news - we will be presenting a workshop at The Home and the World event at Dartington in June, more details at

Monday, 5 December 2011

Evaluating our Evolution

We've finally compiled the evaluation of this year's evolution process, and sent it to the Arts Council, wrapped in an orange picnic blanket. We are meeting Emma Wilcox next week to feed back on what we have found out and to discuss our future Figure Ground Projects.

As part of the evaluating, the Figure Ground suitcase was finally emptied of its contents and reorganised into a spick and span new model with all the collected picnic blankets of the year's work, as well as our fabulous book/deck of cards and essential stationary. It now awaits further adventures....

The deck of cards is now available as a series of pdfs, please get in touch via figuregroundprojects@gmail.com if you would like a link to download it.

Monday, 18 July 2011

If Figureground was a structure, what would it look like?


One of the projects from the weekend was for each individual member of Figureground to draw the structure that represented what Figureground meant to each of us. The following two are from Katy and Jack, with more to come from out other members.


 two shelters taken from the third shelter around a fire pit
 scenes from around the cottage

 one of the views from the cottage
 one of the shelters around the fire pit
 jo demonstrates the size of the shelter
the road into Fermywood towards the cottages