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Monday, 21 March 2011

Ann Rapstoff's thoughts on the first day of the mini-residency

First day at The Figure Ground mini residency, what a day. Amazing bright blue crisp sunshine, a lightship to play on all day, to breathe in the space, be challenged by new perspectives from artists with very different practices, but all managing to find a middle ground to share something of there ideas and thoughts. Space to let things unfold in their own time without pressure, what a luxury.
I was working with two artists during the day, we were initially wondering how we would connect, but I found there was more in common than I thought. Finding that a painter moves with their body and inhabits the work much like I do when I try to inhabit a space. Finding artists who like poetry and singing, who are not restricted by medium or the parameters of art practice, who want to go well beyond those boundaries. A glorious and inspiring start to a great project.



Photos by Lucy 

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